999 Ghosts Greets you to The Haunted Mansion with Uncanny Schemes!

If you’re into scary houses, rides and parks. Then come to Orlando Florida and visit Walt Disney’s Haunted mansion.


Upon entering such eerie house, you’ll pass by several small graveyards, s pet cemetery and then far ahead you’ll even be greeted by larger size of graveyards. A tombstone with a welcome word lettered on it beckons you to go inside the mansion, while hearing eerie sounds of dogs and cats on the background.

These are the signs that you’ve entered into a world of unknown, a world where ghouls, ghosts and troubled spirits roam. This is just a taste of what you’re about to experience once you take the ride inside the Haunted mansion.

After paying yourself an affordable fee you’ll be granted passage into the mansion and will be greeted by an unfriendly and ghoulish face of the host. Welcoming you with such an eerie voice that may came down from the underground. After being greeted you’ll be terrified by a loud and ear piercing scream then you’ll be finally led into your doom.

Seeing several portraits on the wall, you’ll wonder if ever those pictures are really staring at you. Since you can see those eyes come to life and stares at you fiercely. Then finally after reaching into the rides, you have to take the black cocoon rides and wait as well as experience the kind of ride you may not have experienced before.

As the scenes keeps changing from time to time you’ll see things flying from all over the place, a duel to the death by two noble gentlemen, a disembodied head contained inside a crystal ball. So much to see yet you’ll be afraid to stare at it for a longer time. Then all of a sudden a large ball room magically appears with a huge banquet table set. Decorated with webs and covered by it as ghosts appears and sits while you can see goblins dancing and flying at the same time. A band of ghosts serenades you with musical instruments as they float while playing, while on the background you can still hear eerie sounds echoing through the hall. So, you though it’s finally over as the ghouls, goblins and all those scary things slowly disappear.

Then all of a sudden E-gads appear right next to you and other strangers as they laugh diabolically. Staring coldly fiercely and scary.

When your ride is finally over, you’ll go out of the Haunted Mansion still shaking from such a frightful ride that only the haunted Mansion can do.