Planning a Last Minute Getaway – Things To Do

Sometimes, the need or the chance for a vacation can pop up without warning. While an unexpected vacation presents an opportunity, it also presents certain challenges. If you don’t have the time or the luxury to plan a dream vacation, use the last minute getaway ideas listed below to make the process easier.


Stay on Budget

If money isn’t a concern (lucky you!), sites like Luxury Link can give form to your ideas, as they provide tour and accommodation packages, along with last-minute deals. However, if you’re like most of us, you’re on a budget–and you need to be realistic when setting it. An all-inclusive last minute getaway with kids can help you stick to a certain number, but you’ll need to account for extra meals, souvenirs and gratuities. Depending on how spontaneous your trip is, tours may sell out in advance, and a travel agent can help you get the most for your vacation money.

Can You Go Alone?

If you’re reluctant to travel alone and you can’t get someone to accompany you, a reconsideration of your plans may be in order. A guided tour may be a viable alternative; you’ll be traveling alone, but there’s always the safety of a larger group. Go through your contacts list to find a sidekick, or run the risk of paying a single supplement or surcharge.


Consider the Season

OK, you finally have time to go on your dream vacation–but is it a good time to go? Factors such as seasonality and weather can help you avoid disappointment. Failing to cross that trip to Paris off your “bucket list” doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never go; it just means that the time isn’t right.

Jumping Through Hoops

You’ve found an exotic destination with cheap flights, good accommodations and the right availability–but have you considered whether you’ll need a visa or certain immunizations? Is your passport current? Considering the bureaucracy of it all can help you plan in accordance with your time constraints. Depending on the factors involved, it can take months to get a visa, and local diseases can make travel to certain countries inadvisable.


Call a Travel Agent Right Away

In all honesty, calling a travel agent should be your first step–but if you’re like most people, you want an experience that’s all yours. There’s a lot to be said for buying last minute getaway packages, but even a seasoned traveler may agree that throwing something together with no research would be a poor idea.