Top travel destinations 2016

If you are looking forward to know the top travel destinations of 2016, then here is the list of the same that are capable to fill your travel itinerary with fun and amusement.


New Zealand

Almost every traveler wants to go to New Zealand once in his or her life. It is the best place for those who love adventure as they can enjoy mountain biking, paddling, climbing and many more exciting activities in New Zealand. North Island, Fiordland National Park and Mount Ruapehu are some other great tourist places of this amazing city as well.

The United States

US is an all time favorite destination for the tourists. This place is jam packed with lots of forests, deserts, mountains, and rivers to visit. Kayaking, mountain biking, mountain climbing, Sea kayaking are some most popular adventures activities you can enjoy at this place.


India is another great country that offers plenty of option of fun and excitement to the tourists. If you want to be stress free, Goa is a good choice. High Himalaya and Thar Desert are worth visiting places of India. You can also see worlds’ 7th wonder, the Taj Mahal in this colorful country.


Ethiopia is a country of rich culture and history. You can find lots of fantastic destinations including Kenya, Tanzania, etc. Simien Mountains is a great place where you get pleasure from trekking. Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile and Lalibela are great cities of this country where you must go at least once.


Croatia offers a good number of adventurous activities to the travelers. Those who love sea kayaking, sailing and whitewater trekking must go to Adriatic Sea. One can see lots of incredible views of the surrounding countryside. It is also a good choice for those who are willing to see exceptional cultures, rich history, and incredible art.